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Career Milestones

Freelance Writer

May 2022 - Present

Create strong writing content with precise and direct language in order to attract more readers. I have written on a wide range of different topics, which includes articles about the publication process along with personal reflection regarding anti-Asian hate crimes. Overall, I am open with working on any project or assignment, whether it be for content writing or copywriting.

Language Arts Lab Tutor

October 2016 - Present

I mentor and advise students on ways they can further their critical writing skills. I also provide proofreading and editing assistance as well.

Instructional Associate

January 2018 - Present

I provide assistance for the Computer Accessibility Lab at De Anza College as a part-time Instructional Associate. In addition to facilitating and monitoring the computer lab, I also provide troubleshooting assistance on assistive technology programs such as Dragon. Additionally, I also advise students on ways they can further their computer literacy skills.

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